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Important Notes for MT organizers Note:
  1. sorry to those this may affect, but since the OLWLG takes my time and resources to support a math trade, the OLWLG won't support any math trade that forces those in it to ship outside the lower 48 (and hence excludes me from participating). This does not apply to no-ship math trades or non-USA country specific math trades.
  2. no math trades that allow folks to have retaliatory shipping policies (such as 'mirror shipping', etc). They provide no benefit and just cause confusion.
  3. not a restriction just yet but this trend toward MT's not allowing Geek Gold offerings, and given that GG is the only means I'm rewarded (via GG tips) for all the hard work in supporting and developing (new features) the OLWLG, in the future the OLWLG may not support any MT with such an arbitrary restriction (GG has proven time and again to help more non-GG's to trade, it's not GG arbitrage).

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Don't see your items? Note: items added to the geeklist(s) do not immediately show up in the OLWLG. The math trade organizer (or sometimes Jeff) needs to periodically resync the OLWLG to the geeklist to pick up additions (items and/or comments, etc).

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