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First time using OLWLG to run a math trade?

If so please see the OLWLG For Organizers Wiki Page first.

Usage Agreement

By using the OLWLG to organize a math trade you agree that you will complete that math trade to the end in the steps listed in the OLWLG For Organizers (see above for link). That means you will make sure that both WANTS and RESULTS are loaded into the OLWLG even if there are no trades found or you give up on it. You also agree to make sure that the WANTS you load are the actual wants used to generate the official RESULTS.

Excluding no-ship and non-USA math trades, you agree that your math trade's rules will not force participants to ship outside the lower 48, and that your math trade rules will not allow folks to have retaliatory shipping policies (such as 'mirror shipping', etc). They provide no benefit and just cause confusion.

not a restriction just yet but this trend toward MT's not allowing Geek Gold offerings, and given that GG is the only means I'm rewarded (via GG tips) for all the hard work in supporting and developing (new features) the OLWLG, in the future the OLWLG may not support any MT with such an arbitrary restriction (GG has proven time and again to help more non-GG's to trade, it's not GG arbitrage).

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