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Value:Lord of the Rings (2000) ships from Colls (SILVER SPRING, MD, USA)
Designer: Reiner Knizia / 2-5 players / 60 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 751,142,716
show line breaks Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast First U.S. Edition Condition: complete, slight to moderate shelfwear to box, components in pristine condition. Sweetener: "Lord of the Rings (2003) rank=2679 rating=6.1" view image Designed for ages 6 and up, Knizia's other Lord of the Rings game is considered a great children's introduction to the series. Users also strongly recommend the cooperative rules in the game files. Condition: Excellent. Very slight shelfwear to box; slight fold in rulesheet. Otherwise components like new. Sweetener: "The Hobbit (2001) rank=8681 rating=4.71" view image Apparently The Hobbit was totally mismarketed as a game for ages 10 and up, and its rating has suffered tremendously as a result! Users recommend this for ages 6-12, and a look at the comments show that people consider this a very good game for kids. Condition: Unplayed and excellent. Slight shelfwear to box only. As per rules of MT, free shipping within CONUS. LotR isn't a theme that draws much attention from my family members (my husband has not even read the copy of The Hobbit that I got him!), so these games haven't gotten to the table here.
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Value:Axis & Allies: Pacific (2001) ships from Colls (SILVER SPRING, MD, USA)
Designer: Stephen Baker & Rob Daviau & Larry Harris, Jr. / 2-3 players / 120 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 170,44,129
show line breaks Complete and in very good condition. Slight wear and wrinkling of paper on top of box. Comes with bag of many extra roundels and gray and red chips (I ordered the bag from a games warehouse to replace a few roundels and about ten missing chips, and am happy to include the extras that I now have). As per rules of math trade, free shipping within CONUS.
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