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Boardgame: Android: Infiltration (2012) ships from jjunior7 (STEVENS POINT, WI, USA)
Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino / 2-6 players / 45 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 252,146,686 / Ranks: 1068
show line breaks Condition: Great. Played 3 times. I removed the divider inside the box. All components bagged. Edition: English 1st Edition 2012 Shipping: Anywhere in US Sweetener: Heroclix Marvel Universe Starter Set view image Opened, never played. This starter set comes with Wolverine, Spider-Man, Wasp, Sabretooth, Hobgoblin, and Elektra. Also a double-sided map, instructions, pair of dice, tokens for objects, and a powers & abilities sheet.
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Boardgame: Quarriors! (2011) ships from jjunior7 (STEVENS POINT, WI, USA)
Designer: Mike Elliott & Eric M. Lang / 2-4 players / 30 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 730,281,1773 / Ranks: 596
show line breaks Condition: Excellent. Played a couple of times. I no longer have the Quarriors! paper that surrounded the tin box. Edition: English 1st Edition 2011 (tin box) Shipping to US Sweetener: "City of Horror (2012) rank=1059 rating=6.76" view image Condition: Excellent. Removed the box insert so the components would fit better. Edition: English Edition 2013
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Boardgame: Resident Evil Deck Building Game: Alliance (2011) ships from jjunior7 (STEVENS POINT, WI, USA)
Designer: Tylar Allinder / 1-4 players / 45 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 51,30,86 / Ranks: 2422
show line breaks Condition: Good. Box corners have some wear. Played three times. Edition: English 1st Edition 2011 Sweetener: "The Resistance (2009) rank=131 rating=7.43" view image Condition: Excellent. Played once. Sleeved cards. Edition: English 3rd Edition 2015 Shipping: Anywhere in US
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Boardgame: Android: Netrunner (2012) ships from jjunior7 (STEVENS POINT, WI, USA)
Designer: Richard Garfield & Lukas Litzsinger / 2-2 players / 45 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 1091,548,3676 / Ranks: 23
show line breaks Condition: Excellent. Please read note below. Edition: English 1st Edition 2012 Shipping: Anywhere in US Note: Trade is of 2 core sets, all Deluxe expansions (four so far), and almost all data packs (everything up to Escalation in the Flashpoint cycle). See below for a list of the expansions. All cards are sleeved. I kept some of the boxes, and all the stories that came in each expansion. Everything is stored in 2 core set boxes, 2 deluxe expansion boxes, and 5 cardboard 800-count boxes. I separated all cards by expansion. Deluxe Expansions: "Android: Netrunner – Data and Destiny (2015) rating=8.61", "Android: Netrunner – Creation and Control (2013) rating=8.33", "Android: Netrunner – Honor and Profit (2014) rating=8.44", "Android: Netrunner – Order and Chaos (2015) rating=8.49". Data Packs: "Android: Netrunner – What Lies Ahead (2012) rating=8.22", "Android: Netrunner – Trace Amount (2013) rating=8.21", "Android: Netrunner – Cyber Exodus (2013) rating=8.25", "Android: Netrunner – A Study in Static (2013) rating=8.14", "Android: Netrunner – Humanity's Shadow (2013) rating=8.22", "Android: Netrunner – Future Proof (2013) rating=8.27", "Android: Netrunner – Opening Moves (2013) rating=8.32", "Android: Netrunner – Second Thoughts (2013) rating=8.22", "Android: Netrunner – Mala Tempora (2013) rating=8.27", "Android: Netrunner – True Colors (2014) rating=8.32", "Android: Netrunner – Fear and Loathing (2014) rating=8.32", "Android: Netrunner – Double Time (2014) rating=8.28", "Android: Netrunner – Upstalk (2014) rating=8.31", "Android: Netrunner – The Spaces Between (2014) rating=8.32", "Android: Netrunner – First Contact (2014) rating=8.33", "Android: Netrunner – Up and Over (2014) rating=8.39", "Android: Netrunner – All That Remains (2014) rating=8.37", "Android: Netrunner – The Source (2014) rating=8.37", "Android: Netrunner – The Valley (2015) rating=8.36", "Android: Netrunner – Breaker Bay (2015) rating=8.32", "Android: Netrunner – Chrome City (2015) rating=8.31", "Android: Netrunner – The Underway (2015) rating=8.34", "Android: Netrunner – The Universe of Tomorrow (2015) rating=8.39", "Android: Netrunner – Old Hollywood (2015) rating=8.36", "Android: Netrunner – Kala Ghoda (2016) rating=8.25", "Android: Netrunner – Business First (2016) rating=8.13", "Android: Netrunner – Democracy and Dogma (2016) rating=8.31", "Android: Netrunner – Salsette Island (2016) rating=8.25", "Android: Netrunner – The Liberated Mind (2016) rating=8.31", "Android: Netrunner – Fear the Masses (2016) rating=8.15", "Android: Netrunner – 23 Seconds (2016) rating=8.29", "Android: Netrunner – Blood Money (2016) rating=8.33", and "Android: Netrunner – Escalation (2016) rating=8.46"
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Boardgame: Epic Card Game (2015) ships from jjunior7 (STEVENS POINT, WI, USA)
Designer: Robert Dougherty & Darwin Kastle / 2-4 players / 20 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 427,45,344 / Ranks: 1234
show line breaks Condition: Excellent. All cards are sleeved. I no longer have the box since the sleeved cards would not fit. Edition: English 1st Edition 2015, Kickstarter version comes with bosses for solo play, demi-gods, and token cards. Sweeteners: "One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak (2015) rank=331 rating=7.58" view image Condition: Excellent. Opened, never played. Edition: English 1st Edition 2015 "Poo: The Card Game (2009) rank=6171 rating=5.67" view image Condition: Good. Box has some wear and tear from opening it. The cards are good. Played a couple of times. Edition: English WildFire edition 2013
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