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Value:item image Yom Kippur (1995) ships from moly19
Designer: Dean Essig & Al Sandrick / 2-2 players / 240 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 26,11,22
show line breaks Previously enjoyed (punched, okay?). Boxed, English version. Minor wear on rulebook and a small doink on the box lid. Comes with countertray. Free shipping to Canada & CON-USA, first $10 elsewhere.
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Value:item image Soldier Raj (2004) ships from moly19
Designer: Robert G. Markham / 2-5 players / Trade,Want,Wish: 19,3,8
show line breaks Ziplock version, English, unopened & therefore in perfect, mint condition. Free shipping to Canada and CON-USA, first $10 elsewhere.
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Value:item image Nach Stalingrad! (2004) ships from moly19
Designer: Christophe Gentil-Perret & Hervé Borg / 2-2 players / 120 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: 2,,1
show line breaks Vae Victis Issue #54 with Nach Stalingrad game plus numerous other articles, inserts etc. Includes a Lock 'n Load Indochina scenario. Magazine is in near-mint shape apart from the maps and counters have been separated from the magazine. The maps & counter sheets are still present and perfect, but are not bound in the mag as they were shipped. The counters need to be mounted and cut. The magazine is printed entirely in French, but a printed English translation of the rules, charts and scenarios for the Nach Stalingrad game is provided. You're good to go! Free shipping to Canada & CON-USA, first $10 elsewhere.
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Value:item image War Cry (1978) ships from moly19
Designer: Dave Petrowski & Jim Allen / 2-2 players / Trade,Want,Wish: 2,,
show line breaks Versatile minis rules set. English, 2nd Ed., mint condition. Sweeteners #1 and 2 Two boxes of new 1/72 scale soldiers, one Strelets #0082 Russian Army of Alexander Nevsky and one box of Accurate #7206 English Men at Arms (100 Years War). Both sets are new & still on the sprues. view image view image Sweeteners #3 - 7 Five Osprey books. Each is in read , but very good, crisp condition. The covers differ slightly from the attached pictures; the books on offer are older editions which do not have the coloured borders at the top & bottom of the cover; they look more like the Soviet/Afghan book at the bottom of this entry. Elite #6 - French Foreign Legion Paratroops Men At Arms #133 - Battle For the Falklands (I) Land Forces Men At Arms #178 - Russia's War in Afghanistan Men At Arms #117 - The Polish Army 1939-45 Men At Arms #246 - The Romanian Army of World War 2 view image view image view image view image view image Free shipping to Canada & CON-USA, first $10 elsewhere.
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Value:item image Maria Theresa (2008) ships from moly19
Designer: Roberto Chiavini / 1-1 players / 90 minutes play time / Trade,Want,Wish: ,1,3
show line breaks DTP Lot! 1) Maria Theresa, all components printed but counters as yet unassembled (it's just one sheet and the counters are big, so not a big job). 2)"Simon Says (1998) rating=5.5". Printed, mounted & played. Same basic system as Men of Iron. view image 3) "Battles of the Middle Ages: Legnano (2008) rating=5". Printed & mounted on really good quality material. A few markers still need to be mounted. view image Free shipping to Canada & CON-USA, first $10 elsewhere.
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