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What is this?

This tool let's you do a BoardGameGeek search and then when you click on one of the results will generate BGG markup suitable for posting that contains basic stats for the game, links to the hottest (most thumbed) written reviews, and embedded youtube videos.

To use this tool you do need to be "logged in" also to JeffyJeff's Tools Site. No password needed, the site only needs you to give your BGG username and will geek mail you a link which logs you into the tools site (via a web cookie). This is not the case with this version of the toool.

Note that the "Post to Hot Deals" button does not work with google chrome browsers. FireFox does work (and maybe other browsers?). With Chrome BGG for some reason redirects to the login page even though you are clearly logged in.

Source Code

Use your browsers "view source" to see this pages source code. See the javascript source that does the bulk of the work